The Book: It Takes All Types

What happens when a once agnostic, award-winning journalist and writer with a tendency towards swearing finds herself baptised in a river just months away from her 43rd birthday?

It becomes a book, of course.

It Takes All Types is not simply about my unexpected walk towards Jesus. In it, I record the biggest surprise on my Christian journey – the discovery that it, literally, take all types to bring heaven on earth.

Forget shiny do-gooder stereotypes of the ‘perfect’ Christian. The joy, hope and hilarity of God and Jesus is the reality that there is no stereotype. From recovering gambling addicts to serial entrepreneurs, former policemen to economists who consulted to the White House, Christians are all around. Their stories are surprising, inspiring and a million miles from the stereotypes built up on screen, in the media and in church.

Be In the Book

I am currently conducting email and phone interviews with all types of Christians to appear in the first edition of It Takes All Types. To participate, express your interest via the form below. Your story needn’t be extreme, like how God reached down and stopped you from suicide. You may just have heard ‘Amazing Grace’, found yourself in tears and never looked back. If you prefer anonymity, names can be changed.