Preaching, Speaking & Training

Philippa LowePhilippa, undertaking her Graduate Diploma in Divinity with the Australian Theological College, is available for preaching, speaking and training engagements. Sermons and topics include:

Old Testament

  • Gen 15 1-21 – God’s promises to His people
  • Jonah – the unwilling prophet
  • Haggai

New Testament

  • Mark 2 1-12 – The Paralysed Man
  • John 4 1-42 – The Woman at the Well
  • Matt 1 1-17 – Women in Jesus’ genealogy
  • Why the HS ain’t woo-woo – Gifts and Acts 2


  • A Colourful Christmas, Matthew 1, 1-17.
  • Women
  • Colourful Pasts – but never too colourful for Jesus (art theme event based on Matt 1 1-17)
  • Water into wine – the unexpected Jesus (wine tasting theme night)


  • Addiction in a marriage
  • Domestic Violence – the good, the bad and the ugly. (Psalm 139)
  • Prayer
  • Faith and faithfulness. Why you gotta have faith-a-faith-a-faith
  • Cagefighting with God – why He loves our faith wrestles and doubts.
  • What does God sound like, anyway?

Have a topic already? Or prefer something different to above? Contact us. As you can read in Phil’s wide-ranging blog posts, she loves nothing more than unpacking God’s Word across a range of contexts. Discuss planning a bespoke sermon or event.

Tutorials and workshops

Combining Christian faith with 25 years of business ownership, PR and marketing experience, Phil – M.A Comms; Cert IV Trainer – also runs tutorials & workshops on:

  • How to evangelise without scaring people away
  • Church growth strategy (for church leadership teams)
  • PR, Comms and social media for churches
  • Planning evangelistic events
  • Content marketing for churches – and why it’s needed in a secular world

What Event Organisers Say:

“Your talk was excellently structured, flowed and engaging. There was no jarring connection to the Cross that can often happen. I wondered how you were actually going to take us to the cross (given you were unpacking Jesus’ OT genealogy), but you took us there beautifully and seamlessly. Plus you tackled sin, which occasionally speakers shy away from. You were real, authentic and I really enjoyed it.”

Kara Hartley, Archdeacon for Women, Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

“The universal feedback received from our event was very positive and we’ve only received positive verbal feedback since the event. Thank you again Philippa!  We appreciated your faithful and honest sharing from God’s word so much and pray it may have deeply encouraged the women who came along as they reflect on God’s grace, especially this Christmas.”

Simone Hargreaves, Sutherland Anglican Church’s Christmas Women’s Event. 

What attendees say:

“Very clear speaker – engaging and encouraging in her wisdom and honesty.  A great and relaxed event – gave awesome ‘forced’ down time!!!” 

“That was such an amazing talk!  It’s lead me to rethink my relationship with Jesus.” 

“Praise God for the message of Jesus spoken so clearly creatively and honestly through Philippa….fantastic!!” 

“Amazeballs speaker!  Can we have her all the time?”

“Lovely, relaxing afternoon, good conversation and thought provoking talk.” 

“So interesting to hear the stories behind the names.  Heartening to have the message of love and salvation so clearly delivered in a different context.” 

“This talk was a real blessing to me, with great insights in to this passage – usually one I gloss over – thank you so much to Philippa…thank you for sharing your story with us.”

“Wonderful speaker, has certainly come a long way in three years of becoming a Christian.”

“Wonderful afternoon. Fantastic Speaker” 

‘Great speaker – she was excellent. Thank you!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Philippa’s talk so much – an encouragement to us all!  Thank you.  I hope you come to talk to us again” 

“Thank you so much to Philippa for bringing alive so much of the Bible.”

“Thank you Philippa for sharing Jesus’ genealogy and your story – it was very encouraging.”

Contact Philippa to book your next event, sermon spot, or workshop/tutorial.