If God was Bono…

I doubt God has bad days, given He’s who He is and can see that His plan is unfolding, even when I can’t. But let’s imagine, just for a moment, He does. When suddenly his patience snaps, He turns to Jesus and says, “I’ve had enough.” images-1

I can imagine Jesus looking somewhat taken aback. “You have? Are we going to have to talk to someone about an ark again? Or, do you mean Me? Countdown to Revelation?”

“No, not Revelation yet,” answers God. “But I’m getting a little impatient with how The Great Commission numbers are stacking up. So I’m borrowing an idea from that Bono fellow. Well, actually he got it from Me. I’m just taking it up a notch.”

Jesus by now is cottoning on. “Dad! Brilliant. So generous.”

God: “Well, if U2 can give away over 500 million copies of Songs Of Innocence in one day, just by dropping it into people’s iTunes accounts, I’m going to do the same with the Holy Spirit (HS) straight into people’s hearts. Got to move with the times. Will download HS from the cloud tomorrow.”

Jesus: “There’s going to be a lot of really surprised people. So You’re not going to worry about everyone having to say ‘the prayer’, ‘accepting me as Lord’ ‘letting Me into their life’ being ‘born again’ etc?

God shakes His head. He and Jesus understand that many are put off by the ‘shiny Christian language’ too often employed by church-goers.

“No need. You know what HS is like once He’s in there. It’s a complete system override. I know We told Matthew, Mark, Luke and John it was about one soul at a time, through You to Me, but I’ve a hankering to perform a serious miracle.”

Can you imagine?

Now some readers, like a few iTunes account holders when they got their new, free U2 album, may be imagining how horrified they’d feel over the invasion of privacy: “It’s MY heart!”

But, if for one day, God put aside His gift of free-will to us, and instead went into global HS download? The self-led, selfish aspects of our world would grind to a joyful halt. Dancing in the streets. Peace on earth. Goodwill to all humanity. We’d not be worried about it being our heart anymore. Hell, I doubt we’d be worrying about anything.

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