Like a prayer. Jesus as sex therapist.

Sex is – when done well, with a caring, respectful partner – awesome. Releases endorphins. An orgasm is (in my humble opinion as I can’t speak for a man’s orgasm, not being a bloke) a total mind, body, emotional reset.

Also, a couple’s orgasm is far more satisfying than a DIY solo orgasm. There’s just something about the whole skin-on-skin, intimacy, ‘hey, we’ve both just blown the tops of our skulls off (ahem) together.’ When you’re intimate and comfortable with your partner, you laugh, roll around on the sheets – or across the kitchen counter, whatever takes your fancy – and put some effort into ensuring sex is bloody great fun.

Yes, I’m still a Christian. I’m not subbing for Harlequin/ Mills and Boon romance writing/light erotica. Because guess what, Christians have sex. And hopefully lots of it. Within their covenant of marriage. 12342347_10153357289097689_5032277087355300038_n

Bolting on our newish arrival at Christianity to a ten year marriage – and 20 year relationship – has taken some effort for Big T and I. What God desires for us both within our marriage is fairly different to what we had arrived at under our own steam. Thankfully, God has no desire for me to batten down my own desires, wear chastity belts, ankle-skimming skirts and keep my head bowed modestly.

Yes He loves me, this I know, because He gave me the Song of Solomon sealed section of the Bible as the place to go.

Shall I tell you the secret to a cracker of a Christian sex life? 

Prayer (and stop your jokes about Madonna songs).

I’m 100% serious. His ‘n’ Her Prayer. When I shared this little gem with the SAP he spluttered somewhat. “Phil, in all my years of pastoring, I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone tell me they use prayer as foreplay.”

But think about it. What’s the biggest frustration women have with their men? Here’s a typical sample:

  • “I don’t know what he’s thinking.”
  • “We don’t talk enough.”
  • “He doesn’t understand me.”
  • “I tell him what I want, but I think it goes in one ear and out the other.”

In defence of all the husbands, women too often say one thing and mean something else. Which is a minefield for a man who simply says what he means. But this communication breakdown has an awful impact on a healthy sex life, purely because women’s desires are linked with their brain whilst men’s are linked a lot lower.

Big T could have had the most hideous day on earth, come in the house, trip over a pile of laundry and smell burnt dinner, but if I sashayed out the bedroom in my dodgiest ugg boots and tattiest dressing gown, crooked my finger and said something about no clothes underneath, he’d be, well, up for it.

But us women? Wired differently. Foreplay starts the moment we open our eyes in the morning. It’s all in how our brains and minds are engaged. In the scenario above, unfair as it reads, if I come home after a terrible day to a great dinner, laundry packed away, with Big T freshly-shaved and smelling yummy? His odds of come hither, finger-crooking success are greatly increased. Terribly unfair. Blame that serpent. Prior to that I bet Adam and Eve were at it like…well…

So this is where His ‘n’ Her prayer is fabulous because it connects you. Each night I am able to have an intimate, articulate peak inside my husband’s mind. When we pray together, as Big T is being open with God, he is being open with me. I know what he is thinking. The reverse is true.

Regardless of good day, bad day, folded laundry or burnt dinner, it all gets poured out and handed over to God. The clear, undistracted mind I need to really focus on my husband and my sexual response? Delivered. As we pray together with God, we open up more intimacy with each other. The fact that we’ve not had a chance to communicate between home, activities, dinner, kids’ bedtime, homework, late-work, who took the bins out – becomes less of a thing. Prayer as the deliverer of intimacy. Foreplay.

Plus (and I hope I’m not too off piste here), I really get off on the idea as sex as worship. If God designed man and women to be together, and He sees a Christian couple growing closer towards each other and Him as part of their married, healthy sex life, I’d say He’d be jolly pleased.

By the way, this doesn’t occur every time Big T and I pray together. But His ‘n’ Her prayer does appear to increase the likelihood of it happening.

So if you ever ask what I did last night and I tell you I spent an enjoyable time in prayer and worship with my husband? I’ll be telling the truth.

Note: Someone told me today there are historical peaks in babies being born nine months after revivals. So I think I’m onto something…

6 thoughts on “Like a prayer. Jesus as sex therapist.

  • How has no-one commented on this so far? Betcha it’s had lots of reads. This is gold! God totes designed the human body mind and soul including sexuality, why would we as people who belong to him not get on board with his gift of sex within marriage?
    This is an uplifting post and hopefully inspires lots if godly worship. Thanks!

    • Thank you and I don’t know why there are so few comments because, yes, plenty of reads. Some comments on social media about referring to Jesus as a sex therapist being blasphemy… Certainly not my intent. I’m thankful you found it uplifting and inspiring. Appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  • I’m guessing it’s a hard topic for Christians to talk about. Having a good sex life in a Christian marriage is good sign that things are going well in that relationship. God definitely designed us to be sexual beings, but also with 1 partner. Sex is not just for “fun” but its given mutually in response to the love you have in relationship. I can understand what you are saying about women foreplay. It is a man’s job to be their for the wife to share and respond to the needs of the partner. We men are slow to learn and have brain’s that can’t completely understand the obvious signs of a women. That is why women need to speak in very simply plain English what you are trying to say instead of giving hints that are only obvious to women not men. When the relationship is going well its love, the closeness and good relationship that creates a desire or response that results in sex. When Christ is the head of house hold, its a 3 way relationship that creates a unbreakable bond. That is bond between the couple and the couple and Christ. When there is issues in the relationship being close to God helps to get through all things. Only Christ knows how to love 100%, so if try to be Christ like then how can we fail in a relationship. We love our partner like Christ love us. Also to have to add that is why make us sex is the best as unites us in passion and celebrates that the relationship is restored and made better. I hope this makes sense as I am not very good writer.

  • Yes, Phil, great work. We defs under discuss some (God-designed) topics in church. God is the ultimate author of the bible, and He did put Song of Solomon bang smack in the middle of it! Healthy intimacy with our spouse is His wonderful demonstration of love and closeness to us. Of course He’s into that. We shouldn’t be scared of the world’s ideas about sex.

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